viernes, 10 de enero de 2014

A fish sale in Mumbai

A fish sale in Mumbai

    From my desk in Mumbai, some years ago.

     Mumbai: one of the largest cities in India, and in the world. Has coast in the Arabic Sea, which is a source of food and income for fishermen in this area.

    One day, I was alone, walking around the city. I went on a street market, sales to the sides of the narrow streets. Suddenly, I felt the smell of fish, when I turned to the corner, saw I had reached the ​​seafood area.

    I found tables with fish of different sizes, the small ones were stacked together, while large fish (more than one meter long) were cut in half showing their guts.

     Women were swatting away flies, and setting fire to smoke the fish, scaring away more flies. Cats waiting for someone to be carless, to steal pieces of fresh meat.

    Tuc tucs were horning by the narrow streets making a way. Rats in the sewers below waiting for someone to wash a table and getting some scraps.

    I also saw tea vendors offering cups of tea with hot milk. Women buyers showing a part of the belly that gets out of their typical clothes: sarees, were exchanging words in a language I do not know, all I could understood from the Hindu was panch (five).

    Children playing in the street, waiting for their mothers to complete the sale. To return to their humble little room, where they most likely live with all the family.

    Pictures? No! If I show you, it would remove the fantasy each one has created in his/her mind, about this little experience.

    If do you want to see the street location, open this Internet link site, and then search: 19.12445,72.9178

A hug from the Incredible India,


Edgar Guzmán